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1987 Basedow Vs 1992 Clos Des Jacobins – what i’m drinking at the time 05.08.12

Hey gang, got a clash of the oldies today, a 25 year old Hermitage from Barossa vs the slightly younger 20 year old St Emilion Grand Cru. It’s Australia vs France…whos gonna win!?

Basedow Barossa Hermitage 1987, 12.9%


Cordier Clos des Jacobins, St Emilion Grand Cru 1992, 12.5%

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Lindemans Pyrus Coonawarra Trio 2006 – what i’m drinking at the time

Hey guys!

It’s Kenny here bring you your weekly hit of wine crazy. Today I get to introduce you all to the Linderman’s Pryus Coonawarra Trio.

Lindemans Pyrus Coonawarra Trio 2006

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Henschke Keyneton Euphonium 2008 – what i’m drinking at the time 28.03.12

Good day everyone! Been a bit of a gap between posts of late but looking to change that. I have been hella busy so tonight I was lucky enough to snuggle up to this sexy looking bottle.

Henschke Keyneton Euphonium 2008

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Domaine Bernard Baudry le Domaine Chinon 2008 – what i’m drinking at the time 28.01.2012

Hello again from France! Today we are tasting a little something different, a Chinon. Nat and I had a vegan friend over tonight and veggie pasta was on the menu. I have been aching for an excuse to pull this bottle out to try this style of wine. TA DA!

Domaine Bernard Baudry le Domaine Chinon 2008

Chinon is a red wine from the Loire Valley made from 100% Cabernet Franc and known for its mouth watering acidity but can have various identities depending on the wine makers style. Bernard Baudry is one of the newer producer of Chinon and makes a few different Chinon labels. This particular bottle is 13% alc.

The reason I picked this bottle for tonight is because we were having a relatively simple dish with flavours coming from tomatoes, zucchini and asparagus. All these kind of veggies have an inherent sweetness which I think will balance out the acidity from the Chinon. Chinon is also known for its vegital flavours so again it will match well. Lets get in there!

I decanted this relatively young wine for about 2 hours before even thinking of pouring this. It has a chalky, dusty nose with fruit flavours of black currents and red cherry. There is also an aroma of musk sticks and dark chocolate and some coffee bean. Attack is an up and down dull/bursts of lemon juice (lemon twist?), then mellows out a bit into the mid palate but it’s a drawn out transition. Tannins are present here and a little fruit, but it’s really all about the acid with the tannins in the back balancing it out leaving you with a dusty feel in your mouth and a pomelo/guava mix. Finish is a lifted lemon lime mix in the back of your throat with chalky feelings all over your mouth.

Acid freaks will love this and I’m a bit of a fan! It really works well with tomato based dishes (yeah!) and gives you a smoother, less sharp mouth feel. I think it could also go with something like a lamb stew, again with some sweetness. Initially I thought the meat would overpower the wine but the acidity can be quite sharp, especially as it breathes so it could cut through the fattyness.

Nice wine, I would say its very typical cab franc so have a go if you want to experience Loire valley.