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Penfolds Grange 2008 – what i’m drinking at the time 04.05.13

Ahhh Grange….nothing gathers a flock of Asians like the word Grange…well perhaps the phrase “Louis Vuitton on Sale”…maybe. Anyway, today was the release of Penfolds Icon and Luxury release for 2013 and Dan Murphy’s held a tasting for the highly regarded and highly scored 2008 Grange along with the 2009 St Henri and the 2010 RWT. I would have liked to taste them in the correct order, but there were way too many seagulls clamoring over the Grange to risk it…so first up, the granddaddy of Penfolds.

Penfolds Grange 2008

2008 Penfolds Grange

$643 per bottle

This vintage has made a big splash scoring 100/100 by Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW of the Parker bunch adding to the price hike already added my China. Lets see how it stacks up.

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2008 The Family Tree Shiraz, Lambert Estate – what im drinking at the time 11.04.13

Hey guys, today we are back to Adelaide tasting a little Shiraz from Lambert Estate “The Family Tree” Barossa Valley. Lambert Estate wines (previously Stanley Lambert Wines) are very hard to come by produced in small volumes and usually exported overseas. This bottle happens to be 1 of 5,888! The Family three Shiraz is a big rich style wine selecting fruit at optimum ripeness and matured in American oak Hogshead for 12 to 15 months.

2008 The Family Tree Shiraz, Lambert Estate

2008 The Family Tree Shiraz, Lambert Estate
Individual Vineyard, Barossa

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ARIA – what i’m eating at the time 01.04.2013


Autumn Tasting Menu

Hello gang and welcome to Sydney, today we are experiencing ARIA. The missus and I took a little trip to Sydney over the Easter break for my Auntie’s 70th birthday. Since we had some “spare time”, we decided to also dine out and catch up with our good friend Eugene who recently moved to Sydney. Originally I was going to revisit Quay and introduce the wife to le snow egg but everything was closed! Luckily, for a slightly dearer price, ARIA was open to cater for our fine dining needs.

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Chateau Paul Mas Clos des Mures 2008 – what i’m drinking at the time 01.07.12

Jean Claude Mas, Mr Arrogant Frog himself….o hello, I didn’t see you there, welcome to my food and wine blog where I taste and review scrumptious food and wine from far and wide. Today we are back in France, south of France to be precise from the well known producer Jean Claude Mas of Arrogant Frog fame.

Chateau Paul Mas Clos des Mures 2008, GSM 14%

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El Coto Rioja Crianza 2008 – what i’m drinking at the time 20.06.2012

Goooooood morning afternoon evening and night. Today is a Wednesday so as usual, its wine night. I bought this particular bottle as part of my ongoing quest to open my families horizons on the wine world. We have been drinking a lot of Australian stuff as of late so I picked this wine which is a more “fruity” wine as a way to transition the usual fruit forward wines of the new world into a more subtle wines of the old world. I also used the aid of the great equalizer….


 Tonight’s wine…

Behold! Your wine! What is it? Well, you should know, it’s in the title, but one of the best ways to try a wine is to remove your preconceptions with the humble paper bag (or as I call it, the great equalizer).

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Henschke Keyneton Euphonium 2008 – what i’m drinking at the time 28.03.12

Good day everyone! Been a bit of a gap between posts of late but looking to change that. I have been hella busy so tonight I was lucky enough to snuggle up to this sexy looking bottle.

Henschke Keyneton Euphonium 2008

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Vasse Felix Heytesbury 2008 – what i’m drinking at the time 01.02.2012

Aaaannnnndddd were back. Hello hello everyone, I know I haven’t posted much lately but that’s because I haven’t drunk or eaten at a fancy restaurant recently. I know, how shameful of me, but thanks for still checking out my blog. Well, I hope to make it up to you all but reviewing a pretty “up there” wine today, Margaret River’s Vasse Felix Heytesbury 2008.

 Vasse Felix Heytesbury 2008

I must say, I’m been drinking a lot of Margaret River over the past few months and it’s a great place quickly becoming one of my favourite wine regions. The wines coming from that area have been sublime and Vasse Felix is its first winery way back is 1976 by Dr Tom Cullity. This is ment to be a small step down from the top end Cabernet players like Cullen and Moss Wood, but surely holds its own. It has gotten incredible scores, this vintage in particular ranging from 92 to 97 points which, by the way, are ridiculous scores.

This wine is simply called Heytesbury because the percentages of the varieties used changes from year to year. The usual varieties are barrel selections of petit verdot, malbec along with the cabernet sauvingnon, matured in French oak with limited quantity. It’s synergy and blending is very important and is basically Vasse Felix’s signature wine. This vintage has 13% PV, 10% Malbec and the rest Cab Sav at 14.5% alc.

I aerated this into a decanter for about 30mins. Straight off the bat, it’s got a very thick massive nose full of oak and so much vanilla. There is also a lot of toasted cashew nuts. There sweetness is very jammy, like slow cooked fruits almost like warm quince paste. Nothing will distract you from that vanilla and buttered toast/brioche character.

The attach is a mix of sweet blue berries with a line of acidity lemon juice running through it. The mid palate is very very strong and powerful with extremely piercing and concentrated flavours of that jammy “overcooked” fruit and that line of lemon juice. There is also a thin layer of chalk on your tongue which gives a cedar note. The finish is floral and some steams, dried green leaf and tobacco leaf (think cigars) and then at the very end, some acidity.

Initially I didn’t like it. It had a very typical flavour profile, felt like an expensive version of a Barossa wine. The more I drank, the more the flavours came out and showed the layers of the wine and complexity. Its power is the main thing about the wine and gives it an almost regal feature. Defiantly not for the faint hearted, loved by those you want to drink wine on its lonesome and full of bang. I recommend aerating this into a decanter and let it sit for a full 2 hours. This will get you into the complexity of the wine without wasting a drop.

This wine goes for around $76. It’s not a bad wine, it’s actually very good and very impressive. Having said that, you can either spend a touch more and get a better wine, or, spend almost half and get a weaker version of this wine (of course with less complexity but still full in flavours and same general flavour profile). If it was $60, I think its  great value buy. At this price, I find it difficult to not spend the extra $20 and get a better wine. Please note i’m not saying don’t drink this, please do, it’s a great wine, but you gotta think monetary wise also.

Catch you next time