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El Coto Rioja Crianza 2008 – what i’m drinking at the time 20.06.2012

Goooooood morning afternoon evening and night. Today is a Wednesday so as usual, its wine night. I bought this particular bottle as part of my ongoing quest to open my families horizons on the wine world. We have been drinking a lot of Australian stuff as of late so I picked this wine which is a more “fruity” wine as a way to transition the usual fruit forward wines of the new world into a more subtle wines of the old world. I also used the aid of the great equalizer….


 Tonight’s wine…

Behold! Your wine! What is it? Well, you should know, it’s in the title, but one of the best ways to try a wine is to remove your preconceptions with the humble paper bag (or as I call it, the great equalizer).

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Yarra Yering Members Tasting 2010 – what i’m drinking at the time 06.05.12

Yarra Yering Members Tasting 2010 Vintage

Yarra Yering is a great little boutique winery in the Yarra Valley near Coldstream. Originally founded by the late Dr Bailey Carrodus in 1969, the wines from Yarra Yering gained an international reputation for quality and individuality. The wine is now made by Paul Bridgeman who continues the tradition of making a range of great wines including the delicious Carrodus range.

Couple of weeks ago I received an email from Yarra Yering. They were having a Medallion members only tasting for their 2010 release. I missed the previous one so not going to miss this one! A few friends and I first stumbled upon this winery a while ago whilst trundling around the Yarra Valley looking for something to fill the back of the car with. It’s a very beautiful place, looks like a very old school English house equip with a fireplace, a pond, fruit trees, a veggie patch all surrounded by rows of vines.

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