Long time no sip! today I saw the missus cooking up a fish in nook num and i thought to myslef, “this would go great with that riesling in the cupboard…right? we hope!

Dig, dig, dig, GOT IT!

This duder is from the Clair Valley in south australia, a well renowned location for rielslings so big expectations. Straight off the cuff, beautiful golden colour and smells very much like a sav blanc/chardonnay with a touch of oak. Lots of weight on the nose, refreshing but not. Extremely minerally, light granny smiths and crunchy white peachs and lime juice. Reminds me of a Montrachet which is straight up my ally!

Palate is a straight mix of acisity, sweet/sour bits of nashi pear and lime skins. Very weighty which surprises me for a riesling, massive reminder of a chardonnay…wtf??? An almost creamy finish, firn and grippy on the mouth and gums, zesty. The minerality saltyness and crush rock feel comes in at the back. I think its a layered wine, but very subtle, not sure what to think. Would love to drink this with a like minded wineo so see what they think.

Great value at something liek $12, heavy and fresh and i believe goes great with Thai and Viet foods.