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Henschke Keyneton Euphonium 2008 – what i’m drinking at the time 28.03.12

Good day everyone! Been a bit of a gap between posts of late but looking to change that. I have been hella busy so tonight I was lucky enough to snuggle up to this sexy looking bottle.

Henschke Keyneton Euphonium 2008

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Vue de Monde – what i’m eating at the time 16.03.2012

Vue De Monde

It’s Friday! Yay! Was so so tired last week and was tempted not to write this but thought of my 10 followers (hehe actually, its 11 now! thank you email follower! please comment to let me know who you are!) and said “what the hell”. I have some time after work so I went and looked for a little meeting room and try to take a nap. I ended up chatting the hour away before having to run off to Vue. A bunch of friends booked the mega chef’s table at the new Vue de Monde. We almost had the full 18 but after a miss count, only 17 bums were on the seats. I was really looking forward to this night since I have been to the original Vue on little Collins St before the move and some of those dishes….just wow. A few of the people who shared that night with us were coming again for a repeat experience so expectations were high. We still talk about some of those dishes today! If you have been, you will definitely remember the burnt butter marron, chocolate/coffee smoked kangaroo, cranberry marrow waygu and “the egg”. Magic.

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St Hallett Old Block Shiraz 2006 – what i’m drinking at the time 15.03.12

Back to the drinking!

Today is pretty sweet! made it to 10 followers! Whoo Hoo! shout out to “domestic diva, M.D.” for getting me to double digits.

So today were in Adelaide Barossa again, this time at St Halleyt’s.

St Hallett Old Block Shiraz 2006

14.5% Alc.

I have had this wine before, though I cannot recall the vintage, and remember good things about this wine. 2006 was a good year for Barossa and the Old Block Shiraz is a very iconic wine brand which holds alot of old school Cabernet and Shiraz vines, around 60-100 years old. The Old Block sits in the “Excellent” catagory of Langton’s classification and is nowadays matured in new and seasoned French oak. The older vintages is said to have been a bolder style but recent years have seen this wine become more perfumed and elegant. We shall see!

This wine retained for around $65-$85 and is highly scored by the usual suspects. Sat in the decanter for about 4-5 hours, drank with dinner and tasted after. Nose is much more perfumed than it was at dinner (where it was quite muted). Rum soaked rasins, coco and powdered milo. Extremely rich and deep purple fruits and berries, with a funkny stink I cannot put my finger on. I keep thinking lilac’s along side a farm (something gamey) with some seasme seed oil?

On the palate, the attack is thorny, quite bold and a tense battle between acidity and tannins with sour cherries. There is an attempt at a rounded mouth feel, thin and light on the palate but still trying to be silky. Has some quality aspects but not really up there to get the scores that it gets. The mid palate is more of an aciditc backbone with knitted tannins. The finish is, and stick with me here, the taste you get when you have blood in your mouth. Some metalic, some sour feelings. Its nice but short lived.

Final verdict? A nice wine, not a great wine. It has the aspects and the possibilities of a great wine but this particular bottle is not quite there for the price range. It is good though and I do recomend it. My guess is it still needs time sleeping.

Happy drinking!


Anglo French 100 Year War – what I was eating at the time 03.03.2012

The Anglo French 100 Year War Dinner

Top of the morning to ya govna and bonjoir! Today we get to visit the world of the foodies between France and England. But first, a little house keeping. Been super busy lately and haven’t had a chance to upload anything. So, better late than never, a big thanks to the peeps who have been hitting the like button on facebook and to my new followers “Spitting Optional“, “charlierobinson” and the email followers. Almost on to double digits! We are doing it people, we are doing it….so thanks thanks thanks and keep hitting that like button, better yet, type in your email on the right and hit follow. OK, onto the food!

The Hundred Year’s War was a series of wars waged from 1337 to 1453 by ze House of Valois (le French house of Anjou) and the House of Plantagenet (the English). The conflict not only changed Europe but forever changed the way we eat and drink blah blah blah. Welcome to My Kitchen Rules, the Master Class edition, where Gary and Manu explore the similarities that have adapted over time and have influenced Australian culture.

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