Once again, hello all you wine folk! Happy to be here to post another backlogged wine post from…not too long ago, maybe from the start of March? Working my way through the phone notes here, bear with me, it will happen.

Anyways, allow me to present to you today, Miceli’s Olivia’s Chardonnay.


2007 Miceli Olivia's Chardonnay

2007 Miceli’s Olivia’s Chardonnay

I remember picking up this wine one day whist passing through Mornington Peninsula. I was randomly picking wineries to stop at and stumbled across this one. It was close to noon and the views here were quite beautiful, pleasant and rustic. The place looked closed but after a little poking around, we were greeted and ushered into a little tin shed, a really cool little tin shed, where the wine magic happened. I remember the missus and I were really into fat buttery oaked Chardonnay around this time so I was a little surprised when we popped this!

Clean crisp nose, splash of butter, touch of kiwi, green pear and confectionery banana chips. Highly sniff able…yes yes….quite. Initial attack is smooth with a fair whack of lemon rind encompassing crispy yellow peach and yellow stone fruits, baked green apple, gritty white washed rock and lemon pith. Finishes the same, lingers for a fair while with an unfortunate touch alco.

I was a little concerned that at 7 years (under admittedly not the best cellaring conditions) this would be dead as dead but showed better than expected, really well in fact! Fairly balanced, much better paired with food which toned down the acidity. Pair with Asian style spicy seafood (don’t be too heavy handed with the chili) or go a total 180 and pair with a veal in a creamy white sauce.

Or cheese on toast, however you like it!