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Mount Mary 2011 Vintage


Last year I was fortunate to attend the 2011 Mount Mary vintage release tasting. I gotta, say, if it weren’t for their recent website update I would have forgotten to posted this. For those who don’t know, Mount Mary is one of my favorite wineries who stay true to quality. I am lucky enough to visit them every year and hope to eventually have a long list of vintage to reflect on in years to come.

The 2011 vintage hasn’t been a strong one and I felt that the wines were a bit boardline and not up to their usual awesomeness. It felt that whist the wine making was exceptional, the fruit was a bit lacking. Mount Mary are known to produce a “second label” for bad vintage when quality is threatened so suffice to say, the experts think that the 2011 vintage is up to scratch. The go to wines for me were the Bordeaux wines; the Triolet, highly complex and well balanced with the Quintet looking like a wine to cellar for a little while yet. The Burgundy expressions were sorely missed.


2011 Mount Mary

The 2011 Mount Mary Lineup


2011 Triolet

First cab off the rank, a Bordeaux blend of Sauvignon blanc, Semillon and Muscadelle. Really nice white floral notes on the nose mixed in with lime, think skinned lemon citrus rind acidity with some underlying grounded washed rock and stone fruit salinity. The predominant line of acidity continues on the palate with grapefruit, some kiwi with a touch of fresh chili and lime mix. Tobacco and bay leaf, green apple, green pear follow through in the mid to finish with pomegranate seed and a little splinter of fresh wood finish.

Highly complex flavors in this wine, really makes me excited to try this with food!
2011 Chardonnay

Second white, the Chardonnay. A buttery nose with ripe white peaches and sprinkle of fresh asian green leaves. Initial attack comes in strange with grapefruit, pomelo and then some…spaghetti bolognese? There is a big Italian herb element of rosemary or oregano here mixing it up and adding a touch of bitterness complementing waves of acidity and fruit sweetness (Tastes better than it sounds!) The finish is very pleasant, acidity comes out bringing out the dry buttery biscuit and toasted bread notes very much like a flat champagne.

Decent, but not the best Mount Mary Chardonnay I’ve had.


2011 Pinot noir

Extremely light in color and feels like under extracted on the nose. Main flavors of sour cherry, dried cranberry on a bed of sultanas and wet brambles. The attack is lackluster. The wine has good structure with very good balance but lacks character, complexity and intensity in it’s flavor profile. Warming it doesn’t do too much to the wine, pleasant to drink it but a little hollow, mainly smokey with red sour fruits. With air (like alot more air), the flavours did develop and intensify becoming more smokey and robust so there may be some cellaring potential here but currently shows up poorly.


2011 Quintet

The flagship Bordeaux blend came up strong with a solid body, developing a nose of coffee grounds, milk chocolate with leafy warm tones and a dash of fennel. Initial attack is mellow, a touch of green, dry crushed leaves, cigar leaf and baked pastry on a background of gentle acidity. Mid palate adds green and black olives, olive oils and a juicy meat. Finishes warm with caramel, crusty like thickly buttered damper.

Looking back at my notes, this reminds me of a mix of the 04 and 08 Quintets, both of which I enjoyed immensely. Stick this in the cellar for around 8 years and give me a call!


2011 Mount Mary Single Variety

Quintet – Single Varietals


As with most years, there is always something extra for the vintage release and this year showed the single varietals which make up the 2011 Quintet:

55% Cabernet Sauvignon
19% Merlot
18% Cabernet Franc
7% Malbec
4% Petit Verdot
Cabernet Sauvignon

High in cherry notes, white pepper, grilled prawns, clean and fresh. Attach is green, sour cherry, low in sugar with a light and delicate acidic backbone, twiggy, clean and tidy, like a well pressed and fitted suit. The main component to the quintet giving structure and backbone.

Nose is a little sour with dirt and forest floor notes. Attack is concrete, white washed rocks and gravelly. Loads of soil and power comes though with a rush of fruit and acidity backed with a lovely tannin backbone. Very St Emilion, finishes grippy and lively.
Brings the sweet caramel aromas and adds to the structure to the wine.

Cabernet Franc
Not much on the nose, some eucalyptus scents. Attack is promotes dry mouth syndrome with some cinnamon, wafers, waffle and bark. Adds further tannin to the blend.

Mint glaze and thick on the nose. Acidic attach, tannin overpower the fruit, gravel and crusty flavors with the after dinner mint finish. Most likely used to round out the wine and add some softness on the palate.

Petit Verdot
Lovely nose of roast chicken, lemon and deep spices. Attach is not as thick as expected. Little viscous, little meaty, lamb and burnt bits with marmalade. Not too bad! Brings spices, color and meat flavors.


As usual, a lovely tasting at Mount Mary. Little disappointed with this vintage but a great day nonetheless.


Mount Mary 2010 Vintage
Mount Mary 2011 Vintage