Good day everyone! Been a bit of a gap between posts of late but looking to change that. I have been hella busy so tonight I was lucky enough to snuggle up to this sexy looking bottle.

Henschke Keyneton Euphonium 2008

I really like the marketing of Henschke bottles. Very sleek and professional. When I wasn’t into vino like I am now, Henschke bottles always looked so inviting so well done to them. The wine I am trying tonight is the Henschke Keyneton Euphonium. This is a blend of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Interesting blend. The wine is made from old vines from Barossa and named after the tiny village of Keyneton (purchased by Johann Christian Henschke in 1861) and a large instrument used by the Henschke family Brass band, “The B flat Euphonium”. Naturally. Coming in at 14.5% alco.

As always, decanting is recommended. Upon pouring this wine into my glass, you get a big rush of ripe fruit flavours. A very silky nose, lots of milk chocolate, lets go with strawberries dipped in chocolate, along with some mint along, some spicy spice, luscious dark red fruits of the forest and maybe some yogurt pieces. It really comes across as a very big, deep and naughty wine, adding kilos to your waistline.

Attack is very sweet, almost too sweet and it almost loose me here but some citrus rind soon comes in at the mid palate to help balance things out. Comes across a bit bitter actually with a silky background and a knitted tannin structure. Surprisingly not as heavy bodied as I expected, sort of med to heavy with a lot of middle eastern spices and some szechuan pepper notes dancing on the tongue. A few mre sips and it comes across very savoury, has that kind of BBQ shapes feel to it, like there is an organised mix of spices. You can definitely get the Shiraz and I actually thought maybe some malbec and a touch of cab sauv. Finishes really nicely, very long and your mouth is left with a very nice mix of flavours, something akin to a paprika and fennel seed pork dish. I have a feeling that this wine will actually go well with a thick mild curry with its minty spiced flavours.

I found myself actually quite enjoying this wine! Very easily to like this, the flavour profile is right down most people’s ally. You do get a fruit bomb hit but its real fruit, not fake, and you also get a nice citrus note for the acid freaks, all knitted together with spices and grained tannins.

At $32 smackeroos, why not? A wine many will like and easy to enjoy, especially on hump day Wednesday.

Kenny’s stamp of approval