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Attica – what i’m eating at the time 29.05.12


Friends of food, welcome to Attica. Last Tuesday, Nat and I dined at Attica to celebrate my in law’s 24th birthday. There were six of us in total; the birthday boy Steve, his brother Cam and his cousin Scott along with their bosses Sop, Sarah and Nina. Big thanks to Sop for organising and thanks to the peeps for a great night!

Team Attica

Attica has been on a tear shotting out of nowhere to become a global hit, ranking 63rd in the top 100 on the San Pellegreno list; the highest ranked restaurant in Melbourne. With 3 hats, Ben Shewry and his team at Attica has been voted 2012’s restaurant of the year.

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Annie’s Lane Riesling 2010 Clare Valley – What i’m drinking at the time, 2011.11.15

Long time no sip! today I saw the missus cooking up a fish in nook num and i thought to myslef, “this would go great with that riesling in the cupboard…right? we hope!

Dig, dig, dig, GOT IT!

This duder is from the Clair Valley in south australia, a well renowned location for rielslings so big expectations. Straight off the cuff, beautiful golden colour and smells very much like a sav blanc/chardonnay with a touch of oak. Lots of weight on the nose, refreshing but not. Extremely minerally, light granny smiths and crunchy white peachs and lime juice. Reminds me of a Montrachet which is straight up my ally!

Palate is a straight mix of acisity, sweet/sour bits of nashi pear and lime skins. Very weighty which surprises me for a riesling, massive reminder of a chardonnay…wtf??? An almost creamy finish, firn and grippy on the mouth and gums, zesty. The minerality saltyness and crush rock feel comes in at the back. I think its a layered wine, but very subtle, not sure what to think. Would love to drink this with a like minded wineo so see what they think.

Great value at something liek $12, heavy and fresh and i believe goes great with Thai and Viet foods.