Hey guys!

It’s Kenny here bring you your weekly hit of wine crazy. Today I get to introduce you all to the Linderman’s Pryus Coonawarra Trio.

Lindemans Pyrus Coonawarra Trio 2006

I had the 2000 vintage last year and I remembered that I enjoyed this wine; it was very rich, luscious bringing bags of flavour. The Pryus is made in the Bordeaux style of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot and represents top of the range Lindemans wine making. This is made in a rich style with fruit sourced from the Terra Rossa strip utilising old vine Coonawarra Cab Sauv with mid palate fruit weight from the Cab Franc and Merlot. Its also got a shiny Gold medal 🙂

Normally I would have decanted this for a few hours but I have caught some kind of flu over the last few days and wasn’t going to try this….but what they hey! Gave this a quick decant, roped in a few others so it didn’t look like I was an alcoholic. I even got my “future” sister in law into the mix who is only allow to drink out of plastic cups (she tends to bite on glassware and somehow break them). Anyways….lets go!

Very strong nose, initially I got Jagermeister, a brick of alcohol smacks up your nose and has slightly medicinal flavour. It comes across very viscous, a bit yeasty, plum, very ripe fruit but some stemmy notes with a bit of white pepper.

Attack is well knitted, nice oak integration giving an initial velvet roundness in the mouth. You get alot of lush flavours, vanilla, red and black fruits, think plums and black berries and a whiff of mint. There is a dusty wall of tannins in the background. The finish is deep, lingering and very much black fruit and a little bit of alcohol in the back of your throat. It’s not an unpleasent alcohol hit, almost what you get from watered down scotch warming your throat which is a little crazy for 14% alco.

What I get from this wine is a good hit of real fruit wrapped in a neat well integrated oak package. Nicely balanced fruit forward wine where you have to really search for the acidity and tannins. At this point in time, an extremely nice linear wine to drink but not very complex wine to think and really nerd about.

Enjoy this with friends in front of a fireplace now but it has the potential to keep and develop for maybe 10 years. I can get behind this wine as a wine to drink on its own but maybe difficult with food. At at $50-60 mark, it’s quite well priced. Get it now now now!

Before I go, it has been suggested to me to have a “sign off” tag line. I’m hoping my 13 other followers and any lurkers out there could help me by coming up with some suggestions, be as wanky, wierd or wonderful as you like.

Lookng forward to hearing from you, until then, you stay classy San Diego…