Ahoy hoy me hearties. Got a little bit of time to spare here to post another one of my backlogged wines, Barossa’s Torbreck Woodcutters Shiraz

2001 Torbreck Woodcutter's Shiraz

2011 Torbreck Woodcutter’s Shiraz

This is the kind of red I like to drink with a hearty meal after a hard day’s work in the wood, but you don’t have to be a wood-cutter to enjoy it. Sláinte mhath

– David Powell

The winemaker (at the time) spent some time as a lumberjack in the Torbreck forest in the Scottish Highlands; hence the name and suggested embodiment of the wine.

Now I didn’t cut any wood before trying this, but I can get where he is going with it. A warm confetti sweet nose, bright red berries and a hint of ashtray and fake cherries, toffee and watermelon really beings a sense of happiness and relaxes the muscles. Attack has brittle tannins, savory with sticky caramel. A wine fit for a steak is the first thing that comes to mind. Has a little dash of black pepper adding to a creamy like, med to full bodied sweet red. Finishes with a small spike of brown sugar and dry french oak like characters, developing develops more caramel notes rather than confectionery sweetness over time.

The 2011 vintage for the Barossa was reportedly abysmal and may of the flagship wines produced by the big wineries didn’t make it to the shelves. Good news was the declassified grapes used, in this case, for Torbreck’s Run Rig, got used to make the lesser labels like the Woodcutters Shiraz meaning we get some higher quality wines than usual without the price tag. Value town baby.

Overly sweet for me personally and lacks that acidity which I like but if you like that sweeter style for, you can’t go too far wrong for $20 or so. Good for a BBQ or a weekday quaffer.

Chop Chop!