Lovely sunny day today, especially when your eating at Bistro Guillaume.

Bonjour! A while back we received a crown voucher from my cousin in law’s Cam and Steve. Seeing as it was nearing it’s shelf life, we just HAD to use it, sigh, such a hard life we lead. Thanks guys, we owe you one!

We sat outside in the lovely sunshine greeted by some lovely (and cute, says Nat) actual french waiters in their lacrosse polos. Bonjour! We got to choose from a lovely and simple dinner selection which you can see here. Initially we were going to have different wines with entrée and mains but decided to go a bottle instead (persuaded by our waiter no less). We went the burgundy.

Bouchard Pere & File 2009 Bourgogne Reserve

I shall start with the wine. This is a Pinot Noir from Beaune in the Cote d’Or which is kinda known as the daddy of Burgundy. This is a Bourgogne which is the table wine of the region so expect nothing too amazing but still, expect the unexpected! Nose is musty and you get a bit of wet socks and cherries. Ummmm wet socks. It’s a very common smell you get from terroir driven Pinot noir, that barnyard smell. I do like it though others…maybe not. You also get a whiff of wet dirt and rock. Taste, the initial attack is a bit weak, some acidity and a touch of alcohol burn (which is bad), some kick of chilly and white pepper. The transition into the mid palate is more earthy, dark dark chocolate/coco or coffee beans with loads of cherries (think something like a dark chocolate cherry ripe but less sweet and more bitter and some lemon thrown in there). It has a grippy finish and you get some woody notes and bark.

I find this to be a very simple wine, nothing fancy but not a solid wine and a bit lacking in flavour and complexity. Good for a quick drink but at $70 a bottle (granted it’s a restaurant) I’m not impressed. Could definitely do with at least 1 hour of decanting as at the end of the meal, it gained more socks on the nose and more cherry ripe on the finish. Gotta love me some wet socks!

 OK, now for the real deal, the food!

The Charcuterie Plate

We started off with the Charcuterie plate to share and obviously some crusty bread and butter to lap things up with. Gorgeous entrée. Consisted of 3 different types of salami, sweet pate, pancetta, pork terrine and hock, cornichons with mustard, toasted bread and some greens. The pate was so so soft and creamy I couldn’t stop eating it. All the meats were well seasoned and a great great starter to the meal. Tres bien!


Steak frites with béarnaise sauce

Half a roasted chicken with paris mash and chicken jus

Green beans with confit of shallots

For main, I had the Steak (just edging out my usual french favourite of duck) and Natty had the roast chicken. We also ordered a side of green beans.  Steak, cooked perfectly. Soft but with firmness for added texture and just the right amount of chewyness. The chips were wow, almost melt in your mouth with a side of crispy. Chicken was silky smooth and the sauce matched well with the meal though a touch too salty. The best part of the dish (and the entire meal) was the paris mash. Ho-lee-crap. Best mash ever. Was so so smooth, creamy and buttered so well it was just bang on. Get this as a side dish, it will make you cry. Lets just say, we were pretty full and had to leave some chicken and chips but there was no sign of mash in site on the plate or the cutlery. Beans were a touch overcooked but still had a good crunch to it. A very plesent meal. I was happy but wait, there’s more!


 Desert du jour, Strawberry tart with vanilla biscuit and vanilla creme fraiche

Profiteroles with vanilla bean ice cream and warm chocolate sauce

Coffee with raspberry macarons

I blame Nat for encouraging my sweet tooth but thank you. I had the strawberry tart which was in a word…magic. Sweetness of the shortbread (and the crust…so so good) and the sourness of the strawberries was in fact just magic. I was in heaven with a side of chocolate sauce (I stole some). Natty’s desert was pretty good. What you expect if chocolate, dark chocolate (like coffee) and vanilla got together and made a baby. The macarons was actually pretty impressive, better than (I know it’s a big call) the macarons from Ladurée. There, I said it, google it up.

The food was very honest, warm and true. Defiantly ate too much and needed a wheelchair after this one,  you should try it sometime if you enjoy waking up with a food-angover.


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