Sup peeps! Today we have a few wines I had last week at a little place called France soir. It’s my go to French restaurant and has been for some time now. The food here is excellent, the service is cheeky and crisp and their wine bible….oh yeah…I would read it for hours!

It was a bloody hot day last week and I ended up getting to the restaurant about 30mins early so I decided to wet my whistle whist I flicked through their wine tome.


whatimdrinkingatthetime Billecart-Salmon NV
Billecart-Salmon NV
$21 / glass

BILLI! the waiter would say in his cool french accent immediately the bar man, with a flick of his wrist, would magically pop and pour me a glass of that cool refreshing drink.  Billecart-Salmon is a pretty well known family owned Champagne house known for its elegance and structure. It had a fresh yellow peach nose, kiwi, a dash of lime and a whole lot of fizz. Refreshing yet creamy mouthfeel, quince, apple and pear sauce with more of that kiwi, plums and cherry tomato, hints of orange zest in the bubbles into some light wet and white smooth stones. Finishes with strawberries long and semi dry in the mouth but cool down your chest. None too spectacular but a good solid champagne, hit the spot nicely and seems to favor acidity and a firm grip over sweet flavors keeping a good structure and balance.

As the company arrived I was tasked with choosing a bottle and as steak was the main of the evening, I went with something from the Rhone valley.

whatimdrinkingatthetime 2011 Saint Joseph Herve Souhaut
2011 Saint Joseph
Herve Souhaut
$130 / bottle

This Northern Rhone wine made with Syrah was absolutely delicious, probably a touch too light for the fattiness of the steak but delicious all the same. Yeasty perfume, soft, soapy and potpourri, asian green vegetables, kale, dusty cabbage, a little chalky and stained mahogany with white chocolate. Attack is mellow and narrow then spreads like a root system into expected vegital notes, winter greens of carrots and kale, chinese broccoli and bocconcini bringing a dough and chewy bread texture. Slightly dusty and gentle cloying tannins. Finishes with a hint of plastic wood, waxy and a kind of cherry chocolate moose. Highly enjoyable, very delicious and dangerous cos I can see me drinking this too fast and too often!

Feel like another glass now!