Another long time between posts, sigh….if someone give me a job writing for wine and maybe I may have some time hey!? *wink wink* Welcome back guys, today I’m excited to showcase a wine a new wine buddy of mine has recommended to me…the Hentley Farm’s flagship Clos Otto.

2009 Clos Otto

2009 Hently Farm Clos Otto

Sexy ass bottle, velvet label, weighty and a more pinot style bottle than your average barossian shiraz. My initial thoughts was to hold on to this wine, intuition telling me that it needs sleep, but I was very excited to try thinking that if I like it, more shall come!

So I made an appointment with myself for Friday after work and Friday came around quickly! Wax seal cracked, wine into decanter….and now we wait. 2 hours later, impatience took hold and I poured a tester. Hummm…..way too closed….but dinner was ready! What to do!? I grabbed an aerator and double decanted it, waited another 20mins and said…what the hell.

Well guys…remember the old saying “good things come to those who wait”?

To be fair, the wine did need more time. Nose was very minty with a high presence of alcohol. Very concentrated in flavours of dark chocolate and cranberries. Palate was light on the mouth which contradicts your expectations based on the nose, smooth and velvety but still has a prominent alcohol presence and strong in mint and dark chocolate. I have to admit I was disappointed in this expression especially at it’s price point of $150. To be fair to the wine, it had great tannin structure showing lots of potential so I saved half the bottle to taste the following day giving the wine time to breath and open up.

Sat morning, before my morning coffee (dedication man….dedication :P), I poured myself a taste and was much more pleased. Nose has a welcomed waxy freshness to it. The mint and alcohol presence has diminished allowing more blackcurrant and preserved fruit to come forth with the cranberry acidity in the background. There is a lot of forest floor here, wet dirt and old pine showing much more complexity than last nights bang of concentrated flavours which have seemingly dispersed showing its layers more clearly. Attack is…a bit like a gummy bear? There is a chewiness to the wine though not inky…the wine still retains its light mouthfeel, still great structure, with the weight coming from the fruit flavours. Cherries and blackberries are the main components here washed over with chocolate covered strawberries in bramble in the mid palate. It then finishes long with the dark chocolate, liquorice and aniseed flavours, greatly knit tannins, cherry and poppy seeds. It still has a slight hint of alcohol presence but with more time and bottle age to loosen up, I can see potential here.

Initial thoughts? Meh…I was very disappointed but the day after, renewed hope and think that with at least 7years more bottle age and a little patience, it could develop into something more. Still, in my opinion, you could get something better for the price, but you wouldn’t know unless you tried right?

Ken out