Cold morning this morning, good morning for a sweet sweet fry up breaky. I hop out of bed to ask the fridge on what goodies are in store for me. Eggs, sausage, mushrooms…excellent, excellent, and woah, who are these guys?

Rockford SVS Phaedrus

what you find in the fridge on a Saturday…

Score! I’ve been traveling a bit for work as of late and haven’t had time for my blog (though it’s still been garnering hits and followers without me so thank you!) so I have been naughty and drinking wine without telling you all about it. Tut Tut. Well, today is our lucky day cos I have found some leftovers! To be honest pulled these out of the fridge with the intent to pour it down the sink…but…just in case…i had to taste…and sure enough they decided to put on a show.

2003 Rockford SVS Hoffman Shirax

2003 Rockford SVS Hoffmann Shiraz

First to pass the lips was the Rockford SVS Hoffmann Shiraz 2003. This must be about 3 weeks old and had only a glass left in her. Pretty pricy little smuck averaging around the $150 mark so we shouldn’t waste it should we ;). This Barossian comes from the vineyards on red soils with high iron content on limestone which would give it the makings of a powerful wine. Make from low yielding vineyards, this bottle gets the special label of SVS “Special Vineyard Selection” so you know it’s the good stuff.

As I’m writing this, the wine is coming to life, wafts of purple and ripened aroma’s fill the air making me think someone may have snuck up behind me with a cheese plate and muscatel grapes! As you get closer to the glass, you get crushed violet and rose petals and sticky thick quince paste washed over with a mineral oil slick. Not a bad nose for a 3 week old wine! Attack is leathery, aged and a bit like a rich guy who likes rugged outdoors stuff and hunting. It’s a constant but complex flavour profile of roast lamb stuffed with gumnuts, dried cranberries, chestnuts and clove and flecks of mud. Multi-dimensional wine with a similar minty finish that won’t quit. I’m very very impressed and was not at all thinking that a 10 year old wine, which has been opened for 3 weeks, decanted for god knows beforehand can still be not only drinkable, but show such balance and complexity! If you have one, leave it in the cellar for the grandkids (unfortunately for you!).

2006 Phaedrus Pinot Noir

2006 Phaedrus Pinot Noir

Back to reality, the next item on the list is a Pinot noir which again, I thought had retired after valiantly doing its job on the night it was opened but after about 2 weeks, still has life in it; the Phaedrus 2006 from Mornington Peninsula. Pronounced “Fee-Druss” is a small little winery making Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Pinot Gris and creates wine with the idea that Quality is when Art and Science combine highlighting terroir and vintage variations. The 2006 was not the best of years for Phaedrus but still impresses. Weird colour on this wine, a bit more murky and in filtered and certainly brings the funk. Empty plastic bottle nose, banana, rains, vegetal with classic red cherries and thorny twigs giving off a sensation of a handmade wine. Attack is Burgundian, definitely has the funk, wool shed aspects, light on the palate with lines of leafy greens, Chinese broccoli, bay leaf and Asian spices, oyster sauce, cherry pip and a little too much presence of alcohol for my liking. Rounds out with mint and finishes on a bit of liquorish and spiced fennel. A spicy little number which is straight down my alley could do with a little less alcohol presence and again super impressed that this wine could last for 2 weeks without losing its flair!

If you have any of these guys in the cellar, suggest you wait on them for at least another 7-10 years. You can thank me then by inviting me over for breakfast…speaking of which…