Hello again, welcome to a slightly more recent drinking adventure. Today I’m going to be showcasing the wine we have for my wife’s birthday; her favorite (well, at least her favorite at the time of purchasing) the Yarra Yering Underhill Shiraz 2001.

YY Underhill 2001

Yarra Yering Underhill Shiraz 2001

For those who don’t know, YY is one of our personal favorites and we try to visit them every time we make a trip to the Yarra Valley. I have done many posts before on this winery before (Members tasting post here) so have a dig about my blog for previous posts. The Underhill is one of the more popular/signature wines of YY made with 100% very old 1974 Shiraz vines. This little bugger is 12 years old, no aeration or decanting was done on this one.

At first the nose was a little closed though you still get a light and fresh green bean and rose petal note wrapped in nut husks. With a little time the darker fruit aromas emerge, deep and brooding. Attack is light, soft and gentle; very flowery with extremely velvety silky tannins and some roasted almonds towards the mid palate. This has insane balance and integration, actually almost overly integrated to the point where it becomes very difficult to distinguish the different aspects of the wine. The mouth feel is what drives this wine at this age giving off a lush yet firmness on the palate with a regal like poise in the mouth. Finishes long and gentile with a salivating grip on your cheeks.

This was an excellent wine and well received by the folks around the table. The facial expressions were priceless and I wished I took a picture! (perhaps if you ask nicely in the comments, they can be persuaded for a reenactment!).  Having said that, this wine is defiantly beginning to tire and has more than likely began to dip from it’s peak. The second glass gave off signs of wear so if you have a bottle, I strongly advise to drink it sooner than later. Even though you will get some sediment in the glass, try not to decant/overly aerate and aim to finish the bottle relatively quickly (you could invite me over to help, I’ll make myself available).