Bonjourno and Bonjour! I have just returned from a European adventure, hence the lack of posts but I’m back now and ready to go. This time I visited Bordeaux and met some wonderful people along the way. It deserves its own post which should come later.

Anyways, today I tried a pretty special wine, almost impossible to procure and sold only through Adelaide retailers, mailing orders or cellar doors but bottles are scarce. What am I talking about?

2011 Rockford Black Shiraz, 13.5%

This wine was inspired by the  sparkling Burgundies of Colin Preece at Great Western maturing the wine for 3 years, left on lees and further cellared for maximum taste.

Due to the number of drinkers and lack of champagne flutes, we used normal wine glasses. The nose on this wine is extremely complex with goats cheese kicking off the show, light bubbles bring in slightly ripe berries. There are a lot of earthy undertones in this wine and I really got diced mushrooms which I found extremely interesting.

The taste however, was a bit of a let down. The attack is sweet with a heavy dose of astringency. There is an odd texture to the wine due to the bubbles being both light and heavy on the tongue. I found this wine very difficult to describe but I generally found it very simple with a sweet small red fruits along with their pips. There is an undertone of vegetal characteristics of celery and tomato juice with a finish of orange peel on char siu. Reminds me of a toned down Negroni.

I had to try this in a flute and it was a bit of eye opener to see how the glass added such creaminess and roundness to the wine, like creamed potatoes.

Overall, I wasn’t really impressed with this wine. It is suggested to cellar this for at least 5 years and even though it was quite complex with many characteristic in its youths, I found it way to astringent, like the seeds were crushed along with the grapes. At $110 a bottle, I’m giving this a pass at this point.

Catch you later