Over the last weekend, the missus and I took the families and anyone else who would come along to Mount Mary’s annual tasting. So what’s with the Yeringberg title? Well, the Mount Mary post will be coming shortly, but after the tasting, I decided to take the crew to one of if not the oldest winery in the Yarra; Yeringberg.

Yeringberg has been around for almost 150 years and is one of the very few wineries in Australia to remain within the founding family. Back in the day, founder Baron de Pury made world class wines for over 50 vintages and was famous for their Marsanne. But in the 1920’s the wine export market collapsed. The vines were pulled up was converted to a sheep and cattle farm.  All was not lost…40 years later, Guill de Pury, grandfather to the current owners, replanted vines on the original site and blossomed to what we see today.

After what seemed like 100 U-turns, we finally found the small little road which led up a little hill to Yeringberg. This place is magical. We parked between two buildings you see in the above picture and met with Sandra; one of the chef winemakers. We didn’t realise at the time but the place was actually closed with no cellar door and only opens once a year for the annual tastings! Bugga! Nevertheless, Sandra was very kind to us and offered to show us around.

ye old stables

Many buildings on the site are very old and are actually heritage listed. The brick building on the left was the stable. Not sure what they use for now but did see alot of chickens running about.

ye old winery

The building on the right was where the magic used to happen. Grapes were hauled in by horses to just about where we are standing and lifted up on a hanging second level. The grapes were then put into giant oak barrels and pressed with the original massive presses. Most of it was getting refurbished so be sure to check into this place when they open in 2013. The place is seriously old school.

the underground cellar

Underneath the old winery is the new more modern winery; less wood and more stainless steel. Also underneath the old winery was the cellar. We walked down these concrete steps, through these massive wooden doors into two giant rooms filled with sleeping wine. I need to start digging. It was here where Sandra decided, “oh what the hell, lets open a bottle of wine to taste”. I’m so glad she did. A massive thank you to Sandra from me and the family for extending us this hospitality.

Yeringberg 2010

We got to experience Yeringberg’s signature blend, simply labeled Yeringbery 2010; a single vineyard cabernet blend made with 62% cab sav, 11% cab franc, 10% merlot, 10% malbec and 7% petit verdot. Weighing in at 13% alc, this had a very deep and spiced nose with dark red fruits, raspberry and blackberries, brambles in the background and well integrated oak. Attack is slight acidic with a fruity tannin backbone. Mid palate is deep and bold, laced with Christmas spice and fruit cake, rummy and delicate with vanilla in the back, well structured and restrained. Finishes like pudding with a lush mouthfeel, minty with some lime and orange. Spectacular now, great with lamb (which is Yeringberg’s other passion) even better later, give it 8 more years…yes, we bought a few bottles…

If you are around the Yarra Valley next year, look up this place. Sandra is wonderful and another thank your for taking the time out to give us a little tour of the place. As I said before, it’s magical.