Jean Claude Mas, Mr Arrogant Frog himself….o hello, I didn’t see you there, welcome to my food and wine blog where I taste and review scrumptious food and wine from far and wide. Today we are back in France, south of France to be precise from the well known producer Jean Claude Mas of Arrogant Frog fame.

Chateau Paul Mas Clos des Mures 2008, GSM 14%

What we have here is a GSM blend (12% Grenache, 83% Syrah or Shiraz, 5% Mourvedre), a classic blend found in the Languedoc-Roussillon region stretching from Nimes and Montpellier around the Gulf of Lyon to the Spanish border. As the name suggests, the  Languedoc-Roussillon region is two independent wine regions; the Languedoc and Roussillon each with its own character and style but traditionally treated as a single unit. This wine is from the Languedoc region which has more of a French influence with vineyards on coastal plains whist the Roussillon has more of a Spanish influence grown higher up on cliffs.

Doing some label deciphering, this is the Grand vin or the first/premier wine of this label and “elevé en fûts de chêne” means its been aged in oak barrels. Bottled at the Chateau with grapes sourced from the Clos des Mures.

I remember purchasing this wine for around $15 a while ago when I was on a GMS binge and its been sitting on my wine rack ever since. I finally got around to have a taste. It has a blackberry/plum wine nose, little confectionery notes coming through, some sugared liquorice with some dried porcine mushrooms, forrest fruits, wood and damp earth. Attack is sharp with noticeable acidity. Tannins are felt on the gums and there is a consistent confectionery tone in the mid palate. Light to mid bodied, more complex than balanced with prodomant notes of fairy floss, strawberries and cream which still being somewhat savoury. Finishes a bit short, sweet and chocolatey, tight tannins on the roof of the mouth with a moderate sense of alcohol.

Great entry level expression and pretty good quality for its price point. Not a great great wine but I still think it’s a steal if you enjoy this style. Warms you up quickly so be sure to save it for a rainy day with a hearty bowl of stew.

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