Hey guys, hello again! We got some more Margaret River today this one from Cape Mentelle.

Cape Mentelle Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

This wine is the flagship of the Cape Mentelle range sourced from the Wallcliffe Vineyard planted by founder David Hohnen in 1970 and sits pretty in the Excellent category in the Langtons Classification. I arrived at dinner to see this wine already in a decanter. It had already been sleeping soundly for two hours so I grabbed a few glasses and dished this guy around the table. I didn’t see the bottle so essentially I tried this wine blind.

At first look, nose was fairly closed with very limited flavours. It was medium bodied on the palate and was a bit out of balance here; slight background of fruit (good fruit though) but lacked acidity and was generally overpowered with very powdery tannins. My impression was that it was a Cabernet Merlot, probably hovering  around the $30 range. I found it generally a nice drink and I did end up having quite a few more glasses.

Well…and you guys probably already checked this out, but this little guy retails for AT LEAST $70. That’s right, $70 bones….woah, are you serious? o_O

I did some more googling and this wine seems to get quite high scores. OK, so I tried it again thinking I was missing something. After a while, I found the nose is still closed but with slight hints blackcurrant in the front and a background of pinewood. Attack is much more rounded and balanced, acidity is more prominent and the fruit mixes better with a smoother and more sinewy tannin structure. There is some powdered chocolate, maybe milo and strawberries in the mid palate with some metallic flavours and chewiness in the finish. Another thing to note is that you don’t taste the 14% alcohol but you do feel it! (or maybe I drank too much).

I have to say that it did improve over time and I rekon I started to like this wine after about 5 hours out of the bottle…but I would say even at this point in time, I would say $40-50 is a fair price range).

Overall, I did like the bottle (I think I am developing a thing for Margaret River) but this particular bottle of wine….narrrr……