Holy smokes peoples I’m nervous today! Came home from a full week to a large pizza and a bottle of wine. This is a special post for me because I was given this wine by a friend of mine to review…like…actually review for his export business! Living the dream….needless to say, I’m hoping that this appeals to my taste buds, not to mention that it’s a favorite of theirs. Big thank you to Bec and JP for this wine!

About 3 glasses later, I decided to maybe get my blog on. Rightio what do we have here…

Naked Run BWC Shiraz 2009

Naked Run wines come from the Barossa Valley and this is their Shiraz named after the three owners of the company Baraglia, Wood and Currie (BWC). The fruit is sourced from a low yielding single vineyard north of the Barossa Valley in Greenock and has won a few medals over various wine shows.

When I looked at this bottle, I gotta say, I was nervous. A young Shiraz from Barossa with high alcohol (15%)…eeeepppp. If you have checked out a few of my previous posts, you can tell that this may not be down my flavor profile alley, but you know me, gotta try everything!

First off, decant this. Now. I highly recommend even 15min. It really picks up a lot of extra dimensions after just a little time out of the bottle. Buy and compare, I dare you! Nose is very deep and rich with notes of barbecue ribs, some buttered vegetables, cloves, plums, raisins and dulled spices. Attack is sharp in acidity with a great full bodied and well rounded dark fruit and silky tannins showing a nice integration of oak, perhaps French. Without decanting, the tannins can be quite hard here. Mid palate is meaty and again showing barbecue flavors with blackcurrant and plums topped off with melted chocolate and christmas pudding spices. Finishes off less silky and shows off some dusty and chalky tannins mixed with cherry ripe and no real hints that this is a 15% bruiser.

Genuinely surprised and impressed with this effort and at a great price point of around $30. I like it, not a nerdy wine, just a solid wine, great to chill out to on its own and easy to match with meaty dishes. I recommend this over my previous Barossa wine escapade and I’m relived to say this without bias.

Less nervous now, maybe that’s the wine’s doing 😉

Now I feel like going for a nudee run…wonder why…