Hey folks, been lagging on the posts (as you can see, seeing that I tasted this about a week ago!) but better late than never! This week we got “Exile” from the Barossa Valley.

Exile Barossa Valley 2009

Shiraz blend, 15%

Exile is part of a series of the Colonial Estate wines: Exile, Emigre, Exodus, Explorateur, Etranger, Envoy, Expatrie, Evangeliste and Enchanteur. This wine is named after the CD ‘Exile on Main Street’ by the Rolling Stones, sourced from some of the oldest and finest vineyards in the Barossa Valley winning many medals along the way. Lets see what it brings to the table!

I opened this up giving it a quick hit through the aerator and into a decanter for about 30 mins. The nose is quite inky, little bit of black pudding, wet mud, black olives and preserved plums. There is an oily nature to the wine, something like sardines or mackerel from a sushi store.

Big and rich dark fruit on the attack with a background of splintered and grained tannins which can be quite overpowering as you get to the mid palate. Starts of a bit too sweet, bit too fruit bomby (and fake). It’s a heavy bodied, firm and powerful wine with a splash of fairly in your face acidity and finishes like a cherry ripe you may have found on the ground.

Ummm….I can’t say this is a good wine, though it’s not an entirely bad wine. I think this is ok…it’s very heavy in all the aspects; fruit, tannins and acidity so that’s “balanced” but they are not well integrated and each can stick out like a sore thumb (mainly the fruit and tannins). I think that aspect takes away the smooth and roundness of the wine (even with its oak) and can be quite rough. I had another splash of this about 5 days later and the tannins did thin out a bit but that lead to a more pronounced fruit and olive flavours.

I don’t get how the wine royalty gave it such high scores and medals, it’s not thaaaaat great. I’ve seen this bottle priced anywhere between $30 to $200 and I can honestly say, wtf…surely not! I guess at the lower end, it’s more reasonable if you’re into big and intense wines but seriously, save your money for something else.

Humph…what to do, what to do…

Kenster out!