Hey guys,

Hope everyone is doing good, I haven’t done one of these in a while (a ‘just wine’ blog) cos my photo editor Picnik went down so I’ve got a few posts ready to roll once I find a suitable replacement. Sooooo just for you guys, I only tasted ONE bottle today so little photo editing was required….sigh the things I do for you guys….

Before we start, just a quick shout out to my recent followers tiffanybushell and 3 email followers, one of which is Janine from Yarra Yering (yippiee!!) where I recently had the pleasure of tasking their wines! Tells ya what, be on the lookout for that post. I also linked some of my foodie posts to urbanspoon so be sure to check them out again if your hungery 🙂 This gets me to 19 followers so to anyone out there….common! Get me to 20!

So, today I got to try a pretty well known wine….

Yalumba The Octavius 2006

Yalumba The Octavius has established a reputation as one of Australia’s icon Shiraz wines. Made in the Barossa, its the only red in the world that is matured in small ‘octaves’ oak barrels at 100L made by their own coopers, hence the name. Weighting in at 13.5% alco, it currently sits in the Langtons ‘Excellent’ classification getting many high scores from the wine nerds. Decanted for almost 5 hours, lets see how nerdy we can be ;P

Nose comes off cloudy or muggy and has a touch of varnish or nail polish at the start filling out with green olives and black currents. There is a little bit of vanilla pod, dark chocolate and a general feel of high in alcohol, though not piercing and kicking up your nose, it’s subtle but noticable. Attack is gentile, sandy tannins, builds up in the mid with a line of acidity. There is a green tomato skin aspect here (dunno how, it’s what comes to mind). Sandy is a nice description to this wine’s taste and flavour though it does give off quite a silky and rounded mouthfeel with a gentle grip on the lips. Finishes strongly, full bodied and heart warming, leaving a gentle humming mouth feel.

Initially I though this was quite bland of a wine and lacking for its reputation. BUT, here’s a tip, if you want to experience and access the wine, take yourself away from the dinning area first, I found the smells of nearby food really affect this wine (and I assume most wines). Taking myself away into a clean room, I felt this wine started to rapiddly build in quality, though still falls short of where I think it should be, given its class in the wine scene. With a price tag hovering around the $80 mark, its not tooo bad. I feel it still needs a bit more sleep time. It’s got the abilty to develop more. At the moment, I like its restraint, strong but not fruit bomby flavours and the sandy tannins it gives off.

Its a very likable wine, maybe not as food frendly as some but good to drink on it’s lonesome curled up in a blanket with a movie….if you got that kinda dosh to splash!