It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means, vino! Today we get to sample a Thoman Hardy from the Coonawarra Adelaide Hills areas.

Nice packaging, 13.5% alcohol and a coonawarra cab sav makes for some high expectations. This guy retails for about $100 bucks so lets hope it delivers!

Typical cab nose, red fruits, sour cherry and strawberry, maybe some blackcurrent? Some notes of lush green leaves, i’m thinking holly and some hints of kiwi fruit skin. There is also a sandy grainy aspect to this nose and makes you think of undergrowth.

Attack is somewhat bitter and takes it time to subside and mellow out. The fruit is not upfront, very much in the backgroung. The midpalate does spike in terms of fruit intensity but it’s short lived. Flows into a very tight but not omnipresent mix of tannin and acidity. Tannins definately kick in at the finish, the sides of your tongue and top gums are very grippy and there is a gravel, concrete mouthfeel, dusty dull and blunt finish. Tobacco bits thrown in the mix too with a sprinkle of acidity here and there as your mouth regains moisture. Extremely long finish with little to no heat and makes you want that next mouth full. Somewhat balanced (touch too much tannin) but I dont think its ready for drinking yet. The bottle says celler for 5-20 years and i’m inclined to say hold for at least another 5-7 years. As you drink the wine over time, it definately improves and more complexity and flavours come into play with more fruit forward flavours.

At $100 bucks a bottle, a soild wine especially for cellaring so not great for immediate gratification. I would spend money on some other wines at this price point but I can see others who enjoy this kind of profile easily spashing out on this.

Recommended for some, but as always make your own opinion and try try try!